Dumpsters, Bumper Stickers and Dogs

It was a fun weekend here in Massachusetts. Friday night I went to my good friends wedding, Saturday was beautiful and I got a chance to do some yard work around my house. Sunday I took a trip to Bessemer St to check out the progress. We’re three days into the work and so far it’s been nothing but yard work, clean out and demo. I have a feeling this house is gonna take 5 dumpsters. 

Speaking of  Dogs…. I said I would post pictures of the dogs in their cages… here it is!!!!!

Dead dog in Cage

Dog in Cage

Hahahahah, just kidding…. that’s my dog Teddy. He is a furry Pomeranian that likes to sleep upside down!!!
Ok, enough shenanigans, here are some photos from today….
Breezeway After Cleanout

Breezeway After Cleanout

Kitchen after Cleanout and Demo

Kitchen after Cleanout and Demo

Wall being removed between Kitchen and Living Room

Wall being removed between Kitchen and Living Room

Bathroom after some Demo

Bathroom after some Demo

I’m looking forward to starting another exciting week. We’ll be getting contracts on a few short sales that should eventually turn into deals and we also should be closing on the fire damaged three family.
Peace Out**

4 Responses

  1. Very funny. 🙂

    Teddy is adorable.

    Looking forward to reading about your rei adventures..


    • Thanks Steph…. Teddy is a cutey.. lol. We’re starting to pursue REO’s a little more but haven’t got anything yet. Keep checking in to see what we’re up to.

  2. LMBO!!!!

    You had me going with the dog picture. My first thought was “wow, they were really well preserved….” 🙂

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