Glenwood Pics

The property on Glenwood is another fire damaged home. It was being used as a two family prior to the fire, but because it is so small (for a two family) the best use is to convert it to a single family home.  We’ll be rearranging the floor plan a bit and making the house 4 bedrooms and 2 1/2 baths with a large finished attic space similiar to Hartford Terrace. The property is a full gut and we will be doing a new roof, some siding, new electric,new plumbing, new heating, new kitchen, new baths, etc…. The fire started in the basement and burnt up alot of the floor joists, sill plate and main support beams.  The owner of this property stopped by our fire damaged three family project and was impressed. He asked our contractor if we’d be interested in his house on Glenwood. We were out of town at the time but our contractor toured the property with the owner and gave us the green light.

Here are some pictures of the house in all it’s glory!!













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