42 Wexford St – Finished and Staged, plus changes coming to the Blog….

So it’s been just about a year since I set this blog up (April 6th was my first post) and I could never have imagined just how many deals we’d be doing, and how much this blog would grow. To be honest, I had no clue what I was doing when I set this up…. I just used your basic WordPress hosted site and started writing and posting pictures of our various deals. Well, here it is one year later, we’ve built a Flipping Machine, and now I’m looking to build a little nicer website, but there are some serious limitations to using a basic WordPress hosted site…. so the plan is to move the blog over to private hosting and set up a more customized site that offers a richer experience. Right now it’s all a work in progress, but I will let you know when it is complete. (I know your waiting on the edge of your seat!!!!)

OK, back to why you came here; Flipping Houses.

The spring market is here and there are alot of buyers out trying to beat the deadline for the tax credit. So far we’ve put 143 Lloyd Ave and 70 Glenwood St on the market, both are now under agreement with home inspections scheduled for this weekend.

Next up to hit the market is 42 Wexford St. I posted some pics of this house a few weeks back as we were winding down. Now I have all the final pictures of the home finished and staged. Have a look;


42 Wexford St Springfield MA

House For Sale Wexford St Springfield

New Driveway and 2 Car Garage

On the exterior we added a new roof, installed new windows, painted all the trim, added new shutters, repointed the chimney, added a new driveway, and installed two new garage doors with automatic overhead openers. We also pulled out 7 overgrown shrubs that were blocking the front of the house. The roof on this house was very expensive and kind of caught us by surprise. It has a very steep pitch and because of all the various dormers there were a lot of cuts that needed to be made. Also the roof had two layers of shingles over the original cedar shakes, so all that had to be ripped off and we had to lay new plywood.  



Living Room looking at Staircase

Living Room Fireplace and Mantle

Den located off Living Room

Dining Room

Archway between Dining Room and Kitchen

Kitchen Pic 1

Kitchen Pic 2

Kitchen Pic 3

Archway Looking from Kitchen into Dining Room

Full Bath Pic 1

Full Bath Pic 2

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Pic 2

On the interior we did a full gut of the kitchen, added the archway and breakfast bar between the kitchen and dining room, opened the wall between the kitchen and living room, redid both bathrooms, added tile to the kitchen and bathroom floors, refinished all the hardwoods, did some new sheetrock, painted everything, did some new electric including a new 200 amp panel, added all new plumbing, and installed a new boiler.


So thats it for Wexford… another successful project. It’s live on the MLS now and with the nice weather we are suppose to have this weekend hopefully we’ll have some traffic and a couple offers to follow!!!

To all my religious folks out there, have a good Good Friday…. and to the rest of you, have a good Friday 🙂


Time for some Deal Updates- 42 Wexford St

OK, so I’ve been kind of slow with the property updates lately. We’ve got a ton of houses finishing up and quite a few more in the pipeline to purchase, with all this activity my blogging efforts have suffered. As a matter of fact I’ve got houses that we’ve purchased and are now renovating that I haven’t even mentioned yet…. plus, I don’t know how many videos just sitting in my Flip Camera, waiting to be edited into some kick ass Youtube videos.  I think maybe it’s time to hire some VA’s from India to run the Blog 🙂   

First up on the docket is 42 Wexford St. This beauty is done and we are staging it right now. The renovation of this property included a new roof, new gutters, two new decks, two new garage doors with openers, new driveway, brand new kitchen, renovating the full bath and adding a half bath, new electrical service and some new wiring, new plumbing, new boiler, new stainless steel appliances, new flooring throughout and fresh paint….. is that all????

This puppy shines and whoever buys it is going to be very lucky. Heres a look:

42 Wexford St, Springfield MA

Living Room


Open Staircase



Kitchen Looking in from Dining Room

Dining Room

Full Bath

Master Bedroom

Finished Attic Space


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. I love the look of the Tudor style house!!! I think it’s those pointy roofs over the front entrance.

We’ll probably do some landscaping to the front of the property, clean it, stage it, then sell it.    

On to the next one……

Property Update: 143 Lloyd Ave, Finished and Staged

The finished houses are going to be coming fast and furious over the next few weeks. My plan of buying a bunch of properties in Oct.-Dec. to have ready for the Spring market and the expiration of the First Time Buyer tax credit is playing out perfectly.

I showed you our finished house on Ravenwood St a few days back. Now have a look at our property located at 143 Lloyd Ave in Springfield. We did a pretty extensive rehab on this property including new siding, a new roof, new windows, new kitchen, new bathroom, new boiler, all new plumbing, new flooring and fresh paint. We also took a 3 season enclosed breezeway located between the garage and kitchen and turned it into living space. This additional living area is a great feature as it adds space for a formal dining room or family room.

Here it is:

143 Lloyd Ave

New Entrance from converted Breezeway into Kitchen

Kitchen - Stainless Applainces, Tile Backsplash

Kitchen- 18x18 Floor Tiles, All Wood Cabinets


Eat In Kitchen/ Dining Area

Living Room - Large Bay Window

Bathroom - Totally Updated

Bathroom - Tile Floors, Tile Tub Surround

New Shower Panel w/ 8 Body Jets

Converted Breezeway, now added Living Space


Wow, so thats it…. came out pretty darn nice!!!  You can see what it looked like before here: Lloyd Ave Before Pics.

We were suppose to be closing on the big ugly pink and purple house this week but there are a few title issues that need to be cleared up, so looks like we will be waiting a little longer on that one. Heres a picture of that house in case you don’t remember it:

Well, thats all I got for tonight. I looked at eight properties today; four that I want to buy, and four that we already own… and now I’m ready for bed.

Adios Amigos

Well that was Quick!! Ravenwood Finished

So I posted a semi-before video of the property at Ravenwood on Friday…. and now I’ve already got the after pictures for you to see. This renovation went real quick, and believe it or not it’s already sold and our new buyer has moved in.

We purchased this house as a short sale on January 21, 2010, had the renovation complete by February 12, and had our new buyer moving in on February 20th. That is lightning fast… but we did cheat a little bit. See ,we actually started working on the house about two weeks before we even owned it, a little risky, yes, but the rehab business is about taking risks. Also, we had been working with this buyer for a few months. She had wanted to buy our Plumtree Rd house and Lasalle St house but missed out on both those… so she was very determined not to miss this one. She saw Ravenwood before we were even done with the work and said she’d take it…. so it was an easy sale!!!

The house came out real nice… I’m not a huge fan of the color of the roof, but one half was brand new shingles (reddish brown color) and the other half of the roof needed to be replaced. So rather than tear off the brand new section we just matched what was there (the reddish brown shingle). My first choice is always a blackish grey shingle, this color looks awesome no matter what color the house is. The only time we really deviate from this is when we have to match an existing shingle… and honestly, I don’t know what some of these homeowners are thinking when they are choosing a roof color??? Shingle color is something I am very particular about, almost like a pet peeve, but I realize I am probably boring most of you so let’s get on with the pictures;

Ravenwood St Springfield MA

Ravenwood St Front

So I just realized you can’t even really see the roof in these photos… just take my word for it.

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

Kitchen 3

Kitchen -- Again....

I took alot of pictures of the kitchen, I think it came out nice!! Check out the appliances, top of the line GE Profile… yes that is a Double Oven!!  We went even more over the top on the Fridge….

GE Cafe Series French Door Fridge

If you look hard enough you can see the little GE symbol on the Fridge is Red… this is the Cafe series…. and supposedly it is a step up from the Profile Series… which means it’s a real bad-ass fridge, almost better than Electrolux!!! Plus it’s a French Door Fridge… so that makes it even more awesome.

Kitchen Looking in from Living Room

Living Room

Dining Area -- Nice 18x18 Tiles on the Floor

Living Room from Kitchen


Tiled Tub Surround with Glass Tile Border

Shower Panel w/ Glass Tile Inlay

 We did the bathroom a little different here… We used a glass tile inlay and I think it looks real Sweet. You will see this in all our houses moving forward. Also we added one of those curved Hotel Shower Bars… a nice little upgrade.


Finished Basement

So, that’s about it for Ravenwood… In and Out in the blink of an eye, a real text-book flip. On to the next one!!

One Week at 209 Gifford St

We’re a week into the Gifford St project and we are making very good progress. The inside has been completely gutted and we’ve prepared the exterior for the siding and the new dormer. Have a look at the house now….. there seems to be something missing:





Since the roof was in such poor condition we decided to chop it right off. We’re now going to raise the roof line and add the full dormer off the back of the house.  Heres a look at some of the new framing:




The raised roof is going to allow us to make the upstairs alot bigger and alot more functional. I’ve got some video footage of our contractor ripping the roof off. He didn’t do it by hand, he used some pretty heavy duty machinery to get the job done. I’ll post that once I get it edited.

Deal Updates and 42 Wexford St walkthrough

Well we are looking at another very busy week. We should be closing on the purchase of two more rehabs and putting two finished properties on the market. One of the finished homes is our fire damaged two family at 37 Mansfield St, we actually received an offer on this property Friday…. before we officially even put it on the market…. however the price was a little lower than what we are looking for so we may either negotiate it up, or test the open market and see what we can get.

Also an update on 239 Plumtree Rd; we accepted an offer on this home last week. All inspections have been done and we should be good to close in another 2-3 weeks.

Video Update:

Heres a walkthrough we did of the property at 42 Wexford St in Springfield. This video was shot a few days after we closed on the house……

We’ve got so many projects going it’s hard to keep current video/picture updates on all of them…. but I’ll do my best to keep them coming!!

Plumtree Rd – Finished and Staged

All the work is complete at Plumtree Rd and it is now cleaned and staged. Here are the finished pictures.



Kitchen 1

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

Kitchen 2

Dining Room

Dining Room




Living Room/Stairwell

Living Room/Stairway


First Floor Bath

First Floor Bath

First Floor Tub

First Floor Tub

Second Floor Bath

Second Floor Bath

Second Floor Bedroom

Second Floor Bedroom

Living Room

Living Room